People say, dreams are mirrors that reflect the heart.

Does sleep bring the tranquility needed to forget the ruthlessness of the day, or is it an abyss harsher than reality?

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Life isn’t exactly being nice to me and basically I have quite a lot of shit going on right now and for October, so I’ll be… you know, not translating as much. 

I’ll translate if asked to and I’ll be on tumblr, but that aside I can’t really promise I’ll post too much. I hope I’ll be active translating again around Erwin’s birthday. That said, I won’t actually be here when the new chapter is out because there’s a field trip, but I’ll keep an eye on it uvu

But then again you guys know me, even if I’m on a ‘hiatus of some sort’ I’ll eventually post a lot of shit so yeah



translating this gives me a warm fuzzy feeling……. they’re so married

scans are by ebil-trio, pixiv sample here, yeah.

title is “Can you clean in these clothes? Baldie!” but I’m lazy, you all know that. 

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