please don’t pass down the story to your children and don’t try it at school

thanks etonbluesora for the scans! and pixiv sample here


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please pass this story down to your children

(wait chicken there’s a sequel) which i prob won’t translate unless asked to thank you

thanks dolfiy for helping me clean although you wanna sleep early QvQ

scanner/sample maybe


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hey, can i ask your all-time favourite eruri fanfictions, like REALLY FAVOURITE EVER ?

you’re asking me to rec you something?


i don’t really read as many fics as doujins (and ppl who know me know that i don’t read a lot of doujins either i just keep them in my folder) 

i guess all your demons and dark desires (bruh the title is long) is classic, it’s bdsm and shit i guess you know

in spirit and truth is nice but when will it update but i’ll wait engonasin-san, since seems like we’re getting to see erwin as heichou’s personal slut 

i’m going to heaven if it feels like hell, classic, and oh have you seen prison au

viceroy, also classic…

………i guess that’s it

this time it’s happy as in happy look at their child 早川亞 (also g11030)

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