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mikeri (not rlly though) with erwin as the son

It was 2 AM when Levi felt something pulled his shirt. Lazily, he turned his body around, and saw a boy standing by his bed, dragging a black cat doll.

“Papa Levi,” he muttered before Levi could say anything. “I want to sleep here.”

“Goodness, Erwin,” Levi groaned. “You’re not a baby anymore.”

“But I haven’t slept with you guys for a long time.

Levi could only sigh. Erwin was the one who came up with the idea of sleeping alone, saying that he was a “big boy” and should be allowed to do so (he’s 7). Mike actually said that it would be too early, but Erwin then started outlining what advantages they would get from the idea and Mike gave in.

Look at the kind of “advantage” they had now.

Levi sighed in resignation as he sat up to lift Erwin from the floor and placed him in the space between Levi and Mike. Levi covered Erwin’s body with the blanket, and sighed again.

“Now sleep.”

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what is life

doctor au cause i know there are a bunch of you who like it 


crazy teacher gesuwin wwww


live without erwin smith for chibi heichou 


thank you goddamnchou

A man was walking alone in a vast grass field. His black coat covered his body down to under his knees, and he was holding a bouquet of violets in his arms. He walked around among the tall green grass as he kept scanning the area above him, as if he was looking for something.

The air was cold, and the autumn wind did nothing but make it colder. Even so, the man kept wandering and looking around. Finally he found what he was looking for – there was a small area that had small blue flowers planted on it. The man sighed in relief as he put his bouquet among the small flowers, then knelt in front of it.

“Good afternoon, Erwin. How is it going?”

  Of course, nobody was there to answer.

The man only smiled as he looked around the field. He was the only one there, with nothing surrounding him but the sky. He turned his attention to the flower patch again, and ran his hands on them gently.

“Sorry I’m late,” he said again. “Hanji dragged me to the doctor. She’d been nagging about it for a while and today she was more persistent than usual…”

Silence took over for a while. The man looked up to the sky again, and saw two birds flying freely among the clouds. He fondly recalled the days when he dreamt about flying freely without anything on his way.

Had that incident not happened, he’d probably still be dreaming about it.

  He still had a very vivid recollection of that day, as if it was just yesterday. The man could still remember how he found a dead body, and planted it along with the blue flowers and watered them with his tears.

“I miss you, Erwin.”

The man wiped his tears before they fell, and sighed. He ran his hand on the flowers again, and thought about the person lying under it. Everyone had been saying that the person lying there was evil, was a murderer, but the man knew that wasn’t the truth at all.

Perhaps the body was no longer there. Or maybe everything he remembered never happened. His memory could be altered or something.

“At the end, I can’t follow you down to hell.”

Back then, we promised, didnt we? That wed stay together till the end.

“I tried living like you said,” the man said. “I tried enjoying myself. I never had a wife or anything like that. It just doesn’t feel right to do that when you didn’t have the chance to. And things are never the same without you.”

They planned to do a lot of things after everything was over. They were going to build a house in the forest and live together for as long as they could. Maybe adopt a cute girl as their daughter and live normally like other humans would.

Although it might seem to be impossible now, the man knew – the man knew, that the time would come soon.

“We’ll meet again soon, Erwin.”


Hey, all artists out there, have you guys considered making a ‘Wall Erwin’?

Basically a lot of artists draw their own versions of Erwin and all the drawings are put together. This is an example made by Chinese artists, there are 69 Erwins there.  

Maybe we should all gather and agree about submitting the pics (I don’t mind putting them together) and make the agreement about that? uvu 

so i made a side blog so you guys just go there and drop an ask if you wanna join? i’ll make a list later

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