Thanks @actualheichou

Also I’m a lazy person so I’ll just answer

Favorite AU of all time?

What’s the weather like where you are right now?
It’s ok I guess

What annoys you the most?
pixiv users not answering repost permit mails

Where’s Waldo?
not sure what this means i’m gomen son QAQ

Do you like wearing glasses?
I don’t???

Something that makes you smile?
and prob mike. wins’s mike (mike voice: chicken)
oh and mei karma SHE’S MY BBY

Tea or coffee?
I’m secretly heichou too

What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
…….whoa idk i’m just a chicken i’m delicious yeah that’s good

You find your least favorite character sitting on your bed when you come home from work/school/etc. First reaction?
Least fav char…….. hm………….. as long as he behaves he can stay

If you were to walk on a tight-rope, over what landscape would you walk? (No net.)

Favorite beverage?
Bubble tea give me five like rn

erwin making a really cool speech

"Levi, you and I… we’re just normal humans who can die. I’m not the commander of the survey corps, and you’re not mankind’s strongest, we’re just humans… so let’s just live, I don’t want to see you die…”

are you going to continue with your eruri assassin au? i enjoy it very much your writing is really nice, keep going pleaase

I AM!!! The next part is done actually but currently I’m on a trip so… so I’m kinda continuing otw and when I get home I’ll mass update (hopefully) honhon

hloneheart will this reduce my demon level

mikeri (not rlly though) with erwin as the son

It was 2 AM when Levi felt something pulled his shirt. Lazily, he turned his body around, and saw a boy standing by his bed, dragging a black cat doll.

“Papa Levi,” he muttered before Levi could say anything. “I want to sleep here.”

“Goodness, Erwin,” Levi groaned. “You’re not a baby anymore.”

“But I haven’t slept with you guys for a long time.

Levi could only sigh. Erwin was the one who came up with the idea of sleeping alone, saying that he was a “big boy” and should be allowed to do so (he’s 7). Mike actually said that it would be too early, but Erwin then started outlining what advantages they would get from the idea and Mike gave in.

Look at the kind of “advantage” they had now.

Levi sighed in resignation as he sat up to lift Erwin from the floor and placed him in the space between Levi and Mike. Levi covered Erwin’s body with the blanket, and sighed again.

“Now sleep.”

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what is life

doctor au cause i know there are a bunch of you who like it

crazy teacher gesuwin wwww

live without erwin smith for chibi heichou

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